Sherrie Chastain organic gardening for decades

Heirloom Vegetable Harvesting 1978

Sherrie Chastain organic gardening for decades exploring new growing techniques

Heirloom Vegetable Gardening 1978

Opening sherrie chastain organic garden center

Organic Garden Center opens

Sherrie Chastain water feature installation organic gardening

Xeriscape, Water Feature & Arbor Exhibit

Sherrie Chastain Intensive Gardening exhibit start phase one

Intensive Heirloom Vegetable Gardening Exhibit

Sherrie Chastain intensive gardening exhibit

Intensive Gardening Exhibit in Harvest Phase

Sherrie Chastain organic garden center growing and expansion area

Gazebo Meditation Water Feature Sanctuary

Sherrie Chastain landscaping organic garden center

Bathtub Xeriscape Exhibit

Sherrie Chastain organic garden center heavenly blue morning glories

Heavenly Blue Morning Glories

Sherrie Chastain planting organic garden center

Sherrie Chastain's Organic Garden Center

Sherrie Chastain plants and greenhouse with walk up cafe booth

Garden Center & Greenhouse

gift center Sherrie Chastain organic garden center

Organic Garden Center Gift Shop

Sherrie Chastain organic gardening

Propagating Plants

Sherrie Chastain organic garden cafe

Cafe serving Fresh Herbal Teas & Heirloom Vegetable Soups

Sherrie Chastain organic garden center Texas

Garden Center, Greenhouse & Drive Thru Cafe bldg.

Sherrie Chastain fresh herbs organic garden center

Multiple Varieties of Herbs

Sherrie Chastain organic garden center passion flower in bloom

Passion Flower & Roses

Sherrie Chastain organic garden center flowering cactus

Night Flowering Cactus

Indoor exotic plants Sherrie Chastain organic garden center

Exotic indoor low light plants

Sherrie Chastain greenhouse with seedlings and plant starts

Greenhouse filled with seedlings & Exotic plants

Sherrie Chastain herbs in organic garden center

Healing & Cooking Herbs & Spices

Sherrie Chastain organic garden center and healing spa with plants

Hanging baskets & combo plantings

Sherrie Chastain organic garden center Master Gardener seminars

Exotic Succulents and Shade Plants

Sherrie Chastain organic garden center variegated exotic plants

Variegated Leaf Exotic Colored Bougainvilleas

Sherrie Chastain greenhouse at Organic Garden Center and Health Spa

50 Gallon Tub Mixed Plantings of Herbs, Flowers & Vegetables

Sherrie Chastain organic garden center blooming shade plants

Shade plants & seedlings

Sherrie Chastain organic garden center hanging baskets

Hanging Baskets, Mixed Herb, Flower Plantings & More

Sherrie Chastain setting up water plant exhibits

Water Plant Exhibit starts

Sherrie Chastain staff with plants

Organic Garden Center staff watering

Sherrie Chastain start of water plant exhibit organic garden center

Organic Garden season starts

Sherrie Chastain organic garden center hydroponics center

Hydroponic Exhibit inside

Sherrie Chastain organic garden center Rudbeckia


Sherrie Chastain organic garden center moon flower

Vines & Unique Flowering Plants

I have dedicated my life to the study of optimized living, because I saw from an early age that the American rat race lifestyle stemming from of a lack of abundance along with the belief that we grow old, become diseased and die did not make sense to me. I have been watching people become more diseased, sickly, and depressed with growing anxiety issues as the decades progress. Our food along with recommendations of what is the best diet has changed through time, while the lack of abundance viewpoint by the mass population has also been increasing.

How does this make sense, If our bodies are the same? Then why has our food changed so drastically?

Why does the mass population suffer from depression, anxiety and never seem to have enough resources?

Because I was born questioning everything…

I have spent my life in pursuit of the TRUTH

Because of this passion to posses the truth and freedom coupled with the gift of direct communication to nature and the human body,,,

I have Discovered the Secrets of Optimized Living

I shared these secrets with many people that were diagnosed having Cancer, Arthritis, Parkinson’s, Essential Tremors, Fibromyalgia, Cystic Fibrosis, PTSD, Obesity, Anxiety, Depression, Addiction, Psoriasis, Chronic Pain, Inflammatory Issues, Crohn’s, Colitis, IBS, plus other diseases over the years. I created Optimum Living Plans so these people could use the secrets to heal themselves of diseases and enjoy their lives pain and symptom free!

Overcoming the lack of abundance mindset is another area that I have helped many people master so they are now able to live their authentic self enjoying everything this life has to offer.  

My Strategies are simplistic in nature, beginning with the identification of the source issue (which is never the symptom being experienced) Then strategies are created and customized for removing the source of trauma or distress, followed by providing the required elements and solutions for repair. This strategy is used for overcoming health issues and disease, along with it being very effective in overcoming the lack of abundance mindset so you can finally live your authentic self providing you with the ability to experience everything you have ever dreamed of!

This Method is Simple & It Works Everytime

Disease is just more severe symptoms than you experienced in the past (pain and inflammation) of distress or trauma in the body. Because the early warning signs were ignored, now the body is sending out the final warning signals manifested in the disease which is often the disease you have always feared the most. The great American rat race that so many people run daily is a symptom of a lack of abundance mindset, robbing you of your freedom.

Being an Intuitive Alternative Healer
is my Authentic Purpose

Because with out your health nothing else really matters, so the first focus needs to be on optimizing your Health. Then once you are healthy it is time to place focus on gaining the Financial Freedom you Deserve. This led me into providing the services you see on the homepage of this website.

I provide financial freedom through using a combination of intuitive awareness with the understanding that “Money is an Energy Exchange” to formulate Your Customized Financial Freedom Plan. This always results in the client finding and living their authentic self.

Providing people with financial freedom has proven to also be the same simplistic formula of identifying the source issue for not gaining the financial success you deserve, removing the issue then supplying the required components for repair. 

I first help you Identify Your Authentic Purpose, then Formulate a Restriction Removal Strategy while Supplying the Required Elements for Success.

Are You Ready to Live Your Authentic Self?

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