More Testimonials for Sherrie Chastain by Two Men & a Truck 

Online training and custom workshops are  great way to learn the skills required for a member of your staff to handle many of the daily tasks that Internet Marketing and an Online Presence requires. When these strategies are followed, clients report better reviews, direct customer connections resulting in customer retention, and overall revenue increases because of this added online exposure.

Many business cannot figure out an effective way to integrate a social media campaign into their marketing, with many feeling like there is no reason for it. The screenshot shows actual sales that began from social media traffic.

This screenshot shows traffic from Facebook and Reddit with this traffic purchasing products from this website’s online store. There are different ways to drive traffic from your social media accounts to your online offers. Social media can be used for e-commerce to increase sales. Plus it is very effective when it is used for customer contact, because people today love to connect with their favorite brands.

Savvy marketers leverage these audiences to create content that other users will refer to when investigating to purchase products. This type of content has been proven to increase sales more than any other type of online marketing. People will buy what their peers tell them to buy.