A Quarter Million Dollars
in Leads & Sales in 1 Month
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Goal Conversions National company - traffic paid and organic 1 mo

Sherrie Chastain Testimonial by My Contractor Match


This video testimonial for Sherrie Chastain is by the Marketing Director of My Contractor Match explaining ranking and leads received from their Online Marketing Campaign created by Sherrie Chastain’s company.

Companies that rely on online traffic for leads and/or sales must have multiple campaigns running simultaneously to provide them with a continuous stream of targeted traffic. These campaigns must be tested, then once the goal is achieved it needs to be duplicated. Then when the results can be duplicated upon demand, and testing has been conducted to optimize the costs compared to conversions it is time to scale the campaign. A properly tested and duplicated campaign can easily be scaled.

As the screenshot above shows revenue can be generated from multiple platforms. The organic tab is from ranking that was accomplished by SEO campaigns. Paid is coming from optimized adwords and re-targeting campaigns. The referral traffic comes from the mobile website, and other referring websites. Then of course there is direct traffic coming from people that know the site and type it in directly. Social media also can drive traffic that actually generates revenue. Click here to see stats on a social media campaign that generated revenue from Facebook and Reddit.

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