Sherrie Chastain Testimonial by Carole Casella


 Dear Sherrie,

As a business owner and independent agent, marketing is a priority! Sherrie’s company provides education and a step by step approach to new and creative ways of increasing your market share and keeping it!

Among the many services she offers, her training classes are informative, interactive and made simple!!! Did you know that their are many ways to advertise your business for NO or little cost? Well, I didn’t – but I do now! Thanks Sherrie. I am looking forward to learning more.

Carole Casella


Sherrie Chastain Testimonial by Carole Casella

Why is Online and Internet Marketing Training so Valuable to my staff?

I offer many different types of training, in many different formats. These formats include videos, audio podcasts, checklists, live calls, and more. This allows you to have a person on staff to be trained to carry out some of the online marketing tasks.

This strategy is very beneficial in many ways. First it can help cut costs by using an inhouse person to handle some of the marketing tasks. Secondly people that are in your day to day business happenings know much more about your business than any outside marketing company. With this intimate knowledge of your business, it is much easier to engage with your target market which results in an increase in business.