Sherrie Chastain Testimonial by C. Heppard

 Since working with Sherrie, my business has grown tremendously. My traffic and automated systems have increased considerably, and the stress and headaches have lessened tremendously!

Sherrie knows her stuff when it comes to how to get more visibility, traffic, and conversions and has worked with some of the most well known internet marketers in the world. She is always just an email away, and has come through many times in critical situations.

Her credibility, work ethic and results have made her my go to expert, and I recommend her highly. If you want to grow your business faster, hand the reins to Sherrie for awhile and see what she can do in even a short amount of time.”

Cheryl Heppard
Business Consultant


Sherrie Chastain Testimonial by C Heppard

Automated Sales Funnels Created for C Heppard
to Provide a Passive Income from Digital Products

one time offer conversion sales

Sherrie Chastain Testimonial by C. Heppard

By creating a variety of different digital training products, Sherrie Chastain provided a passive income for this Health Coach. Driving traffic to these low end products accomplished a couple of things. First it created a list of buying clients. Secondly, it created a client base of prospects to upsell into higher ticket training and coaching programs.

Any business can provide a passive, automated online income. Even if you cannot figure out a way, Sherrie can come in and create an automated sales funnel for any business with different price point levels leveraging your current client base for an immediate revenue boost while providing new clients to expand your current client base and future revenue.

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