Sherrie Chastain Testimonial by Art of Massage


“I received 6 calls this week from people that found me on Local Search. I even got a new weekly client that told me her daughter owns a Yoga Studio in Houston Texas & found me in a search. After reading my credentials she called her mom and said I was the Massage Therapist for her. Thanks Sherrie for giving me financial freedom. Keep up the good work.” ~ Sharon Cedrone Art of Massage ~ Singer Island, Florida


Page 1 Ranking for the keyword “Mobile Massage Singer Island”

Art of Massage has spot one page 1 rankings for many keywords. These rankings are for many different platforms. These platforms include Google Business page, Yelp Listing, website, social media profiles, Press Release distribution networks, and others.

Multiple platforms are used to drive a variety of different types of traffic to Sharon’s contact information. Some people search video, some on their phone, and other through web or even news search. Check out the Press Release views Sharon received that drove many, many new prospects to her website and contact details. This is just a small sampling of the traffic press release marketing provided for Sharon.

These are easy strategies that many business owners do not know about. If you are working in your business, how will you find time to learn Internet Marketing? You are busy working in your business, and do not have time to learn online marketing strategies. Especially in today’s highly technical marketplace. You ask yourself, Where do I even start?

I provide custom packages for any size business. Customization depends upon each individual business needs, goals, and budget. With options available for every business, from turn key to training, so there is no reason to be losing business because of little or no online presence.