Sherrie Chastain Testimonial
by All Quality Plumbing


“I got 2 new clients from the press release I wrote after attending your “Use the News to Market Your Business” in-depth press release workshop. Thanks so much for giving me hope. I will be at your classes.” ~ James Wolfe owner of All Quality Plumbing


Sherrie Chastain Testimonial by All Quality Plumbing

Explains how they got New Clients After Attending

“Using the News to Market Your Business”

Using the News to Market Your Business is a great way to position it as an industry leader. Press works very well because it is a credible source that is talking about your business. 

Or so it appears that way.

Most press is created by the actual business, then just distributed through one or more of the different cross media channels that are available today. Using the Internet, and some simple strategies you or I can easily create a credible press release that will drive traffic to your website for a very long time.

This is perceived by the general public in a whole different way than ads are. The public knows ads are paid, and very few know that the press is created by the business.

Check out the views that the press releases I wrote for an Orphanage in Haiti have been getting, and will continue to get for a very long time to come. Because remember once something is published on the Internet it will always be there, many times even if you take down your original posting it will exist somewhere through a share.

Especially when I apply some simple SEO to the page, it can rank at the top of Google for years!!

So just contact me for spot 1 ranking on Google. Better yet call me for Domination of the Search Engines so you can write your own testimonial!!!