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It’s easy,  Google wants quality content that has lots of social engagement with a wide variety of credible high page rank backlinks being consistently published on a website designed with user friendly navigation, a proper internal linking structure, and validated code.

Simple, Right? 

With Google’s constant algorithm changes, SEO is a whole new game that no longer depends upon keywords and any old backlinks.

Results I Have Gotten

After working with leaders in the industry, and being privy to their insider information, I have learned the…

Exact System to get
Top Rankings on
Search Engine Results Pages!

Writing content for Ryan Deiss’s legendary Digital Marketer website, along with hundreds of press releases to build lists for many of his other ventures, catapulted me straight to the top!

Digital Marketing press release writing

Imagine my excitement when I received an offer for a lucrative press release contract because they heard my name at one of Ryan Deiss’s insider mastermind meetings in the Caribbean, as the Go to Press Release Writer in the industry. This personal endorsement, along with other high influential endorsements resulted in my Senior Journalist status with a top news syndication.

Press Release Benefits

Clients obtain credible industry leader status, by being featured in many of the following high profile places, which they can post on their website.

Being featured on these high profile sites with press releases not only provides credibility, along with traffic generation, they also give my clients those all important high page rank relevant backlinks that Google is requiring now for ranking in the SERP’s.

These are just a few of the places my clients are featured on, because their press releases are placed on hundreds of other news websites by being syndicated across the Internet!

Purchasing backlinks like these can cost a fortune, and you never know if they will be permanent or come from relevant content which is now a requirement to be indexed by Google. Here is a company’s prices for purchasing their backlinks, and notice they are only a page rank of 6.

 Google Webmaster tools shows these
Press Release backlinks are indexed by Google!

Along with high page rank backlinks, press releases can provide you with the social engagement that is now 33% of your website’s quality score since the implementation of the new Google Hummingbird algorithm.


Associations with Ryan Deiss led to my introduction to another one of his colleagues, the famous MaryEllen Tribby who is the author of “The Success Code” and the “Success Indicator Acceleration Report,” plus founder of the successful WorkingMomsOnly site, who quickly hired me to write press releases and an ebook lead magnet which are all integral parts of a successful sales funnel.



Optimized Automated Sales Funnels


 This is just one OTO, or One Time Offer that brings in automated income for a client.

Orders Just Keep Rolling In!

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